I love it when people do their due diligence

I love it when people do their due diligence and actually properly compare us against our competitors

I think that we here at RotoTillerGuy physically do things better and actually dig down the proper 6″ – 8″ inches by first using a Pick Axe to get down 6 ” – 8″ inches deep and then use the RotoTiller to bust up what we have just Pick Axed. This way we actually are able to get the RotoTiller machine to get down and really till the soil 6″ – 8″ inches deep. Our competitors will just skip across the top, because they do not pick axe first 1.) because it is actually a lot of physical hard work and 2.) the home owner doesn’t know that they are supposed to dig down 6″ – 8″ inches deep.

The next thing that we, do that our “competitors” don’t do, is we then bring in a 3″ inch layer of Organic Compost (made from all Vegetable Matter feed to in essence a persons charished pet horse from the Los Angeles Equestrian Center), we then spread that around 3 inches deep on top of your soil that we have just worked, and then we use the RotoTiller machine again to mix and blend that Organic Compost down into your soil. I think that we are the only landscapers in Los Angeles that actually dig down 6″ – 8″ inches deep and/or use this much compost and mix that compost into your soil that full 6 inches deep. The others will just toss around a few handfuls of fertilizer pellets (probably made from petroleum products) that will be used up and gone in a month.   The all organic compost that we use will be doing its job for seasons not days, fertilizing and creating a biological cycle and helping to wick water and allow the water to penetrate the soil. They say that 100 lbs of Compost can absorb and retain 195 lbs of water. That Compost is working like a sponge to absorb any available water and hold it there in the top 6″ – 8″ inches of soil where the root zone is.

By mixing and blending the Compost into your soil, it’s going to first of all bring nutrients, but also we are aerating the soil, and mixing this organic vegetative compost matter into the soil so that it can absorb and retain water making your soil more drought tolerant, encouraging your lawn or vegetables or flowers to grow thier roots more deeply thus making these plants more drought tolerant. In general the deeper the roots the more drought tolerant the plants can become. The compost is full of beneficial bacteria and what are called nematodes and microbes, enzymes etc. that then create a biology or cycle. if you will, that then encourages beneficial insects such as earth worms to come and feed on the compost and then deposit their nutrients in a natural cycle that keeps replenishing your soil with nutrients for months and maybe years.

We are the only landscapers in Los Angeles that put this extra physical effort and extra compost materials cost into doing the soil prep part of this process, and we do it (9 out of 10 times) for less than our “competitors” charge for just skimming over the top and using a few handfuls of fertilizer pellets. The soil is the true foundation of what ever it is that you are trying to grow in your lawn or vegetable garden or flower garden. If you take better care of the soil, of course what ever you plant is going to do better.

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