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Rotototilling Services
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Landscaper near me, within Los Angeles areas ?. Yes. Rototillerguy provide exceptional Landscaping service, Sod Installation, Sprinkler Installation & Sprinkler Repair Service, Compost Delivery, New Lawn care company, serving the Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, West LA, Torrance, Pasadena, and other surrounding Los Angels County areas. We are the C27 Licensed Best Landscapers. Our entire process and pricing are transparent and affordable. We will explain, step by step, what your options are and the process it will take us to get there. CREATE  A BID on our website or CALL US today for more information!


Landscaping Contractor

C27 Licensed Landscaper Near you. Although we are not a Gardener offering ongoing Mow and Blow services, nor are we Landscape Designers or Landscape Architects offering designs and plant selections.  We are the tire hits the road implementors of your designs. The Gardener is probably not qualified to implement an entire Landscape, and the Designer/Architect rarely gets their hands dirty, we get right in there and get the real labor intensive meat and potato’s work done.

sprinkler installation

Sprinkler Installations

We also offer complete sprinkler system installation and repairs on existing systems. Automatic Sprinkler Irrigation Systems consist of four (4) main parts:

  1. Valves (on / off)
  2. Zones (Spray Irrigation Sprinklers for Ground Cover, Drip Irrigation for Individual Plants)
  3. Timer (WiFi, hard programmed)
  4. Wire (goes from the Timer to the Valves)


Sod Installation

Remove the old weeds and lawn. Pick Axe, by hand, with a Pick Axe, (6 - 8) inches deep. RotoTill 6-8 inches deep. Spread 3" inches of Compost. RotoTill again to Mix and Blend the three inches of Compost all throughout the top 6-8 inches in the Top Soil layer. Check on necessary repairs to the Irrigation Sprinkler zone pipes. Smooth the Soil back out (not the same thing as grading) Lay the Sod

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Compost Delivery

Just that, the delivery across town of an amount of Compost Material the Compost gets delivered in your driveway any extra labor required to move Compost to a specific location is just that, extra labor. We do the more labor intensive work of Pick Axing and Rototilling, much deeper than the others will commit to. We bring more quantity of material to amend your soil with, and the quality of using hot composted all organic compost over just using a few handfuls of artificial man made chemical petroleum based fertilizers.

sprinkler installation

Sprinkler Repair

If you will call us, and text us specific pictures of your particular Irrigation Sprinkler System Repair, we will help you diagnose what needs repairing so that you can decide to hire us or do the repair yourself.  Either way we would like to come prepared with the necessary items required, and diagnosing what is wrong helps with efficiently making the repair. All sprinkler repairs are done at an affordable labor rate plus the cost of parts if needed. Even if you need a simple replacement sprinkler head or a new valve, we can help


New Lawn Care

Looking for lawn care services in Los Angeles, California? Rototillerguy makes it easier than ever to get quality lawn care help. We are C27 Landscaping Services Provider , We install your provided Landscape Designs. For new gardens and lawn areas a landscape plan is a good idea. Lawn Care : Preparing your turf area

Back in 2008, I started RotoTillerGuy, a Landscape Contractor business

In 2011 a lady asked to interview me about the Landscaping business and she asked me to to videotape myself. This is a 20 minute interview, and at times the interviewer is tough to hear. I thought it quite unlikely that anyone would be interested in watching such an off the cuff raw unedited long video, but some 3,000+ views now, and people have said that these YouTube videos are a big reason why they have hired us. Not much has changed (other than pricing, in 9 years). We still do your project as if it were my house. I do things the way I would do them if it were my home.

We aren’t cutting corners, we still Pick Axe 6″ to 8″ inches deep, before using the RotoTiller, to Till (6 to 8)” deep. We still spread a 3″ inch layer of Organic Compost, and then RotoTill again, in order to mix and blend that Compost all throughout that top 6″ inches – 8″ inches topsoil / root zone layer, where it’s of value to your Lawn or Flower Bed or Vegetable Garden. Learn more about why we are best landscaping contractor near you in Los Angeles

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