Sprinkler System Installations

Sprinkler System Installations in Los Angeles, California. Our dedicated install crews have the years of experience and expertise to install your new sprinkler system with no interference to your everyday routine


Standard (none WiFi); $110.00 installation, plus $50.00 for the Timer, each.

Optional WiFi; Rachio or Rain Machine $150.00 plus $110.00 installation. Orbit B-hyve (has become the most popular because it is $40 less, your Gardener can still interface with unit without the app, and it comes in an outdoor weather proof box) $110.00 plus $110.00 installation. Wi-Fi controllers that use your homes WIFI router to communicate with local weather internet sites to be more efficient and automatically adjust irrigation needs when it's hotter, Santa Anna winds, or going to rain. These type of timers are more expensive, but may also qualify for rebates.

Check with your local city to look into rebate qualifications, rebates are your responsibility. In addition WiFi controllers require downloading Apps on your smart phone or tablets or computers and being setup on your router, which requires knowing your routers password, and we don't want to know your password. Los Angeles Sprinkler System Repair Services and Sprinkler System Installations.

Sprinkler System Installation



Sprinkler System


Standard;  $103 each. Plastic RainBird or Hunter valves.  These are the only plastic valves that I would install at my own home, and so these are the only plastic valves I will install at your home. Sure there are others that are a little bit cheaper, but for just a couple more bucks the quality and reliability and just piece of mind goes way up.

Optional; $150 each. Brass.  Brass can handle more PSI so if you know you have huge pressure Brass may be the correct choice, it's metal so it lasted longer, withstands more UV from the sun, can take the weather, and can be rebuilt if you can find the rebuild kits (online).


Standard; Lawn or Ground Cover area $450.00

Assumptions; Minimum 3/4" Water Supply, Minimum 60 PSI.  Less than ( 3/4") Water Supply will limit the amount of water being supplied to a Zone which in turn limits how many Sprinkler Heads it can provide water supply to.  Less than 60 PSI will limit the amount of pressure needed for Sprinkler Heads to perform correctly.

Optional Drip Zone; Planter Beds, Garden Beds, Drought Tolerant, California Native, zeroscape, etc $450.00

The back bone; buried 3/4" Schedule 40 PVC pipes in the ground *, the (3/4")Schedule 40 PVC fittings that connect it all together, the Christie's red hot glue used to glue it all together, the 1/2" adapters and elbows and risers. *

  • No more than 100 linear feet of trenching, or 100 linear feet of Schedule 40PVC pipe. Each zone can not provide coverage for more than 1000 square feet of area, each area must be contiguous meaning unbroken spaces.
  • So, In the case of drip irrigation systems,
  1. Because in a drip system the client can literally ask for an almost unlimited amount of drip emitters which could cost more than the $400.00 that we charge for a zone.
  2. Because there are literally hundreds of different types of emitters specific to each type of plant. We do not supply anything more than the back bone leaving off at the 1/2" riser pipes stubbed up ready for you the client to screw on what ever drip manifold or drip emitter you like.

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