Sod Installation in Los Angeles, CA


RototillerGuy Landscaping offers the best sod installation services in Los Angeles, CA. Our sod supplier delivers fresh from the farm to your home or business and we install your new lawn on the same day.

Bermuda and St. Augustine grasses are the used and Tall Fescue is the most widely used in our area. As these warm-season grasses will thrive in Los Angeles.

How to select what type of grass?

  • Tall Fescue, stays green year round.
  • Bermuda better for pets and foot traffic, full sun while.
  • St. Augustine better for pets and foot traffic ,shady.

Our sod installation process begins with your creation of a bid on our website. Then when you have decided to hire us vs. any other Landscape Contractor to do your job, you would call us and we will open a conference call to the Sod Farm and Order your Sod for your project, and based on all three of our schedules (your schedule, RotoTillerGuys schedule, Sod Farms available delivery dates).

On the morning of, a confirmation measurement of the measurements that you entered in our online bid on our website. An inspection of your current irrigation system to see that everything is currently working or if we are to repair your current sprinkler system or not.

Then the digging begins and we Pick Axe and RotoTill and blend in Compost for Soil Prep. Then we concentrate on the Sprinkler / Irrigation system. Then smooth and flatten the soil, get the customers OK and then install. Sod on the day of installation, fresh sod is delivered to your property and our landscape contractor team. Will prepare and classify the area for a successful sod installation according to the steps procedure below.

Sod Grass Installation Process

  • The Customer Creates Bid and compares bids with other Landscape Contractor Bids.
  • Customer decides to hire RotoTillerGuy.
  • Customer calls RotoTillerGuy, and we initiate a conference call to the Sod Farm and Order your Sod, based on this three way conference call this is how we schedule the start date of the project.
  • The morning of, RotoTillerGuy confirms the customers measurements.
  • Test irrigation system (initial).
  • Flag sprinkler heads and valve covers.
  • Remove existing sod (if applicable).
  • Pick Axe, Roto-till, mix in Compost into the area.
  • Grade and smooth area, get the customer to Ok.
  • Install new sod.
  • Test irrigation system (final).
  • Send watering instructions for your new sod.

The Sod farm does offer a guarantee on the sod to be free from disease or weeds. They only offer this guarantee if the soil has been prepped and there is a working automatic irrigation system in preparation of installing the sod.

We do the Prep Work properly in order that the sod farms guarantee on the sod is in effect. But we do not offer a guarantee on our work, because we are not there every day making sure you the owner are monitoring and caring for the lawn like you need to on a daily basis.

If sod needs to get replaced, we will come and replace it, but we need to be paid for our time and labor and materials. Because we tell you what the right steps are (many of our competitors don’t even tell you what the right steps should be) and because we actually do the proper preparation work that we have explained on the soil preparation page, we have not yet had to replace a lawn.

The Sod Farm charges this delivery fee, Not RototillerGuy !

The Sod Farm charges a delivery fee of $ 60.00 when you order less than 1000 square feet. If you order less than 500 square feet, you are charged another $ 15.00 ($ 75.00) for delivery. Sod Farm will not deliver less than 200 square feet.

Sod installation