Lawn Maintenance And Lawn Care in Los Angeles:

Most of you are coming here because we just installed a new lawn for you, and you are checking to see what the watering schedule is supposed to be. Lawn Maintenance in Los Angeles near you.

Summer - is it going to be 100 degrees today ? Are the Santa Anna winds blowing and drying out your Lawn ? Water your lawn, follow the instructions.

Fall, Winter, Spring - is it going to rain today ?  If it's going to rain today, you don't need to water your grass today.

Watering Instructions and Lawn Care in Los Angeles

  • First Week : 

Water 3 times a day (4am, 8am, 4pm) *15 minutes each time.

  • Second Week:

Water 2 times a day (6am, 4pm) *15 minutes each time.

  • Third Week:

Water 1 time per day (6am) *15 minutes each time.

  • Fourth Week:

Normal Watering Schedule.

Per Los Angeles County watering instructions. Not more than 15 minutes each zone. Not between the hours of 9am through 4pm. We recommend 6am as the best time of day to begin watering any plant.

If you have an even numbered street address

  • Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays

If you have an odd numbered street address

  • Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

15 minutes should be scaled back as soon as you get a lot of mushrooms. A couple of mushrooms is ok, in fact a couple of mushrooms is a good sign that we are watering enough, but if a lot of mushrooms are coming up we should scale back the 15 minutes to 10 minutes and see if the mushrooms stop coming up.

Scale back again to just 5 minutes if too many mushrooms are still coming up. When you get into a different weekly watering schedule where you are watering one time less per day for that week, go ahead and go back to the 15 minutes per watering and then scale back again if too many mushrooms come up

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