#1 Rated Sprinkler Repair in Los Angeles

Perhaps your Sprinkler system wasn’t installed correctly in the first place. Or you didn’t do the best job keeping up with routine maintenance. Maybe something went wrong, apparently out of nowhere. While most expertly installed high-quality lawn sprinkler systems will perform perfectly for years with a little maintenance, even the best ones malfunction sometimes. If you suspect that your sprinkler system is not working as it should be, it is important to seek prompt repair services to avoid wasting water and to prevent loss or damage to your lawn.

By quickly identifying and solving problems, you can ensure that your sprinkler will continue to run smoothly and efficiently for years to come. Many irrigation system problems can be easily solved with the help of an expert sprinkler repair technician. An experienced technician will understand exactly how to work with you to determine the root of the problem.

After identifying what is going wrong, an expert repair technician will be able to develop and execute a sprinkler repair plan that fixes the problem and prevents similar failures from occurring in the future. If you are looking for a qualified technician who can restore your sprinkler system to run efficiently and smoothly, look no further than RototillerGuy.

We have a team of licensed and insured professionals who have over 25 years of experience repairing, upgrading, and installing sprinklers on residential and commercial properties near Los Angeles, CA. Regardless of your sprinkler problem or malfunction, we will identify and resolve the issue to ensure that your sprinkler system can operate at full capacity for years to come.


Figure A: How Sprinklers System Works


Sprinkler Repair Los Angeles

Sprinkler Repair Minimum Charge;

$275.00 plus parts, to make a special trip out to make repairs;

But many times, if you will answer a few questions and send me a few pictures I might be able to diagnose and explain to you how you can do your own repairs for free.

The reason why I charge a minimum to come; the next time you leave your house to run even the simplest of errands I want you to make note of when you actually leave and when you actually get back, not a guesstimate after the fact, actually write it down what time it is that you got into your car and what time you actually got back to your driveway.

It’s my contention that even the simplest of errands takes a minimum of 1 hour by the time you drive there, find parking, go inside, do your business, and get back in your car, and get home. So my point being although your repair is simple, my time just getting there to do the repair, and then get to the next place I have to be, has to also be accounted for, and If I need a part, the time going to go get your part, is all part of your project.



Standard; $110 for the install, $50.00 for the actual Orbit Timer (none WiFi)

Optional; $110.00 for the install, you can buy your own Rachio or RainMacine WIFI timer for about $150 or the Orbit B-Hyve WiFi Timer for about $150.00 (RainMachine is my personal favorite for inside installations, but the Orbit B-Hyve is very popular and is my favorite for outside installations because it comes in a weather resistant box).


Plastic; $103 each for plastic Rainbird or Hunter valves

Brass; $150 each

Copper Plumbing $425

If the situation requires Copper Plumbing to install the Sprinkler Valves ? $200 in materials $225 in specialized skilled labor.

Sprinkler Wire $80 for 100′ linear feet, plus labor

Common Sprinkler Repair Issues

As a longtime sprinkler repair specialist, we have successfully repaired almost every conceivable sprinkler problem imaginable. Some of the more common residential sprinkler problems include:

  • Sprinkler Leaks

  • Clogged Sprinkler Head

  • Removed Sprinkler Nozzles

  • Broken Sprinkler Pipes

  • Wiring Issues

  • Broken Sprinkler Timer

  • Backflow

  • Wasted Water

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