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Sprinkler Repair Los Angeles

Sprinkler Repair Minimum Charge;

$225.00 plus parts, to make a special trip out to make repairs;

But many times, if you will answer a few questions and send me a few pictures I might be able to diagnose and explain to you how you can do your own repairs for free.

The reason why I charge a minimum to come; the next time you leave your house to run even the simplest of errands I want you to make note of when you actually leave and when you actually get back, not a guesstimate after the fact, actually write it down what time it is that you got into your car and what time you actually got back to your driveway.

It's my contention that even the simplest of errands takes a minimum of 1 hour by the time you drive there, find parking, go inside, do your business, and get back in your car, and get home. So my point being although your repair is simple, my time just getting there to do the repair, and then get to the next place I have to be, has to also be accounted for, and If I need a part, the time going to go get your part, is all part of your project.


Standard; $110 for the install, $50.00 for the actual Orbit Timer (none WiFi)

Optional; $110.00 for the install, you can buy your own Rachio or RainMacine WIFI timer for about $150 or the Orbit B-Hyve WiFi Timer for about $110.00 (RainMachine is my personal favorite for inside installations, but the Orbit B-Hyve is very popular and is my favorite for outside installations because it comes in a weather resistant box).


Plastic; $85.00 each for plastic Rainbird or Hunter valves

Brass; $125.00 each

Copper Plumbing $300

If the situation requires Copper Plumbing to install the Sprinkler Valves ? $100 in materials $200 in specialized skilled labor.

Sprinkler Wire $35 for 100' linear feet, plus labor

Sprinkler Repair

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