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Organic Compost Delivery; $180 for 3 Cubic Yards delivered. *

Our Compost originates as Manuer from the rear end of a horse, along with the pine shavings in the stall as bedding. It is collected and put through a 6 to 8-week Hot Composting Process.  How much more organic do you want?

They say a full grown horse produces 50 lbs of waste each day.  If you are a horse boarding equestrian center facility, and you are boarding 100 horses, you have 5000 lbs of waste each day to dispose of.  This material used to be hauled away to a landfill, at a substantial cost to the boarding facility.  We have struck a deal where this material is now put through a chipper unit to mince it up, aerate it, moisten it, and pile it up the height of a one-story house and a football field long, where it then gets turned over each week and goes through a composting process.

Mulch dump truck


While Composting it is said that it bakes to 220 degrees, killing any seeds or pathogens, and enzymes and micro bacteria break the Compost down, digesting it while infusing life, encouraging nematodes (earthworms are in the nematode family).  The facility has set aside valuable space on their property, they have employees dedicated to collecting, handling, composting, loading the Compost.  So now instead of the liability of all of this manure having to go to a landfill as waste, they have turned a liability into an asset in converting it into Compost that they can sell.

* delivery means just that,  Compost delivered.  It does not include the labor of wheel borrowing.  It does not include the labor of spreading.

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