Why Choose RotoTillerGuy

why coose us

gicon We are Licensed through the California State License Board.

   (Your Gardener is not Licensed, or Bonded)

gicon Contractor's License Number: 974733

gicon We have over 20 years of expertise

gicon Our Bid/estimate is itemized and completely Transparent and straight forward

gicon We maintain and care about our online reputation and user reviews


Ask my so called “Competition” these three questions

gicon Do the other guys Pick Axe by hand with a Pick Axe, 6 - 8 inches deep, before they use the RotoTiller machine ?.

If they don’t Pick Axe first there is no way the RotoTiller machine CAN / WILL RotoTill as deep as it’s supposed to.

gicon How deep, will they put in writing, Will the RotoTiller machine go ? If it’s not in writing in their bid/estimate how can you hold their feet to the fire ?

Our written Bid / Estimate says we RotoTill 6 - 8 inches deep

gicon What, if anything at all, will the other guys be mixing into your soil ? What are they going to “Amend” your soil with ? And how much ?

Our bid says in writing that we bring and spread a 3 inch layer of Compost, and then RotoTill again to mix that 3 inches all through out your 6 - 8 inches of Top Soil. Our bid calculates and shows you the math regarding how we determine how much Compost that we are bringing and mixing deeply into your soil to amend and restore and rejuvenate your soil with.

gicon Because of our transparent, upfront, straight forward, out in the open business model and allowing the potential customer to create their own bid/estimate online on our website and select each option and build your own to suit your budget bid/estimate vs. the other guy’s throwing out some mysterious unjustified number without any back up or explanation of what you should expect in exchange for your money.

gicon Because we don’t have to drive around to create bids, we are able to focus on the job sites that we are currently working on and finish what we are doing before being interrupted by another project. We can get more jobs started and finished each week, We end up being more profitable each week, And We can afford to purposefully charge, on average, 20% less than our so-called “Competition.”

Once you hire RotoTillerGuy, we aren’t distracted and leaving to give someone else a bid. We are committed and Focused on starting and finishing your project, and then the next, and the next.

gicon Because we aren’t leaving and stopping and starting multiple job sites, because we do projects one at a time, first come first serve, we are just simply faster, getting in and out and on to the next job, and the next. We are faster and more efficient.