Compost, Drought Tolerance, Drainage, Errosion, Nutrients, Life !

95lbs of compost will absorb and retain 195 lbs of water, helping to make the soil itself more drought tolerant. If we mix blend and suspend this much compost throughout that 6 – 8 inch topsoil / root zone layer, all of this organic matter helps with erosion issues and wicks and helps spread irrigated water more evenly, so that it can even penetrate clay soils that may be too compacted and dense to even allow water to penetrate.

In sandy soils that don’t contain enough organic matter and are made up of rocky sandy mineral content but don’t have the organics content that do the job of absorbing water or nutrients and retaining that water and nutrients in the top upper most soil where the root system of your lawn or vegetable garden or flower garden are. Without this necessary organic matter suspended in the soil, any water or nutrients would be washed away and end up way down to the water table below maybe as much as 25 feet deep or more where ever the water table is in your area, largely useless to ground cover lawns or the shallow root systems of vegetable gardens or flower gardens.

This compost because it is so rich with Enzymes and Beneficial Bacteria and Nematodes brings life back to your soil and helps to create a natural biologic cycle, a veritable orgy of organisms that eat this nutrient rich organic compost that then replenishes and further fertilizes your soil from the castings of such things as earth worms. This biologic cycle feeds your soil and your landscape for seasons and seasons, not just a month or two.