Choosing the Best Landscape Designer in Los Angeles area. We have extensive experience Rototilling Service for good looking landscape design. We are the only ones honest and straight forward enough to publicise our pricing in writing or on our website. RototillerGuy implement landscape designs, we are not really designers, but we can help you implement your landscape with step by step processes and pricing. While many Los Angeles landscape designers focus only on designing, RototillerGuy wears both hats — Landscape Designer and Landscape contractor. We are Licensed (Contractor’s License Number: 974733) by the State of California License Board.  

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Initial Rototilling Service :
Removal of the Old Lawn or Weeds, Pick Axing the Soil (6–8)” deep so that we know the Rototiller is getting in there 6–8 inches deep as well, just to bust up the soil and get it Aerated $0.67 per square foot area.

Composting :

Pick up and deliver enough Composted Manure for a 3″ layer all around $0.30 per square foot of area on average.
Secondary Tilling :
Spread the Compost all around for a 3” layer and then with the Rototiller machine we Rototill again and we Mix the Compost into the soil 6″–8″ deep, $0.33/square foot.

For a total of only $1.30 per square foot to prep the soil. Properly amending it and Aerating it and making it more drought tolerant.
You can at this point decide if you want to grow grass from Seed or from Sod. We will spread the Seed or lay the Sod. Seeding is about 10% of the cost of Sod, or the Sod can be purchased at any number of places but we like Pacific Sod for their quality and service as well as the fact that Pacific Sod has just never let us down or our customers.

Or maybe what you were wanting was a Flower Garden or Vegetable Garden?. Prepping the soil is the same process and equally as important in all cases.

Complete Sprinkler System :

  • Sprinkler Repair : We can Repair what is broken ( @ $75.00 an hour for labor, plus the cost of parts that may be needed) Replacement sprinkler heads are $10.00 each, a new Valve is $85.00 each, a new timer is $160.00, broken PVC and fittings are like $1.00 each, etc.
  • New Sprinkler System Installation: We can Install a completely new System if one is not already there. (Best case scenario is $400.00 per 1000 sq ft of contiguous space for the PVC that is burried in the ground along with the Elbows and Fittings and Risers, and the Sprinkler Heads themselves. Plus $85.00 installed if a new valve is needed.)

Links to relevant information for the DIY crowd.
First of all, here is a very good stand alone site that is basically a very well written book with very good illustrations on how to install a sprinkler system.

  • Irrigationtutorials
    Secondly, here is a very good 1-hour video that shows all aspects of installing a sprinkler system. All of the decision process and planning processes.
  • Orbitonline
    Here are a few irrigation companies that will design your irrigation system for free if you will spend the time to fill out their requests for information about your particulars.

Homeowner Design Request Form: Link

Los Angeles Landscape Design

When you have worn yourself out looking at all of this information. You can come back and just hire us to do the install for you.