Nutrients NPK chemical makeup, Biology – Beneficial Bacteria, Enzymes, Nematodes, PH balance.
Our normal everyday soil treatment process is just heads and tails better than any other landscapers out there, so shouldn’t we be more expensive than the other Landscapers? We do the more labor intensive work of Pick Axing and RotoTilling, much deeper than the others will commit to. Rototillerguy bring a lot of material to amend your soil with, and the quality of using composted all organic compost over just using a few handfuls of artificial man made chemical based fertilizers. By design we should in fact be 20% less expensive.

How can we afford to do more physical work, use better quality materials, use more quantity of materials to amend your soil with, and purposely be 20% less? It all has to do with not having to drive all over Los Angeles and Orange County to give our bids. By not having to drive around in traffic to first give a bid and then come back another day to do the actual work it makes us much more efficient and we appear to be more upfront and straight forward; more efficient equals more profitable, more upfront and straight forward means more work on a more consistent basis; more profitable and more consistent work means we can afford to charge you 20% less than our “competitors”.

I encourage you to get at least 2 other bids, and compare their lack of information regarding each step or even what the steps are, compare the quality of work based on reviews left by their previous customers, compare the lack of information on their website (if they have a website at all), then compare their price against mine. I already know what the results of such a comparison will be but you can only truly appreciate what I am offering and what we actually do for our clients only after you have looked at my “competitors” or really lack of real competition.