Although all of these on-line independent reviews sites can be a double edged sword and can really work against a business; the fact that they are reviews from real customers and I have no control over what gets said, other than to put our best foot forward and just doing the best job possible each and every time, and yet I am able to maintain a positive standing.  It should say an awful lot, seriously, it’s tough to make people happy enough to spend the time to write a positive review.

Especially when as the business owner you know that only one out of 20 satisfied customers will take the time to even write a sentence long review, but that even the most slightly upset customer will be sure to write a novel about how we may have mistakenly collected their $10.00 shovel by accident at the end of an otherwise spectacular transformation.  Seriously, we have enough shovels, we don’t need yours, it was a mistake.  Would you like a couple of ours ?

I guess it’s just human nature, to rant and complain rather than just ask if we have your shovel.