Best Landscaper in Los Angeles, CA
The California Contractor’s State License Board recommends that you the customer get at least 3 bids to compare, and I recommend you get at least 3 bids as well; but I want you to ask 3 questions of these other “competitor” contractors’.

1.) Do they Pick Axe before they RotoTill? We Pick Axe 6 – 8 inches deep in order to ensure that the Roto Tiller will be able to Till up and aerate your soil. Many so called landscapers don’t Pick Axe at all, and there is no way they can properly rototill and prepare the soil as deeply as they are supposed to.  Unless they use a Pick Axe first before rototilling, the rototiller is just going skip around on the top and not really get in there.

2.) When they RotoTill do they volunteer the information regarding how deep they will go? Now that you are asking, will they commit in writing anywhere how deep the RotoTiller will go? We go 6 – 8 inches deep with the rototiller.

3.) What are they going to use to amend your soil? If anything at all? Many of my supposed “competitors” don’t amend the soil at all. Some of my “competition” will say they will spread fertilizer pellets. Ask them how long the fertilizer pellets will fertilize for? Fertilizer pellets are chemicals that are used up and washed away in about one month. The volume of organics in the 3 inches of compost suspended in your soil all throughout your 6 – 8 inches of top soil break up dense clay soils and brings much needed texture to sandy soils. Water retention, drought tolerance, aeration, Nutrients, Life, etc.

Those are the basic three questions, speaking to Soil Prep. The Foundational soil preparation goes to long term customer satisfaction and long term health of the landscape.